What a Forensic Expert uncovers from a Blood Splatter Distribution

Imagine watching your favourite crime drama on TV and there comes a scene where you can see your victim’s body on the floor of their home. What is the first thing that you will notice about this arrangement? It is our guess that it is the victim’s blood splatter distribution and some of the viewers may have even made assumption on how the crime may have been caused based on their observation of blood. Incidentally, this is pretty much what a forensic expert does as well when dealing with an actual crime scene. In the text below we will look at what can be uncovered from a blood splatter distribution.

The Weapon Used:-

There can be various reasons due to which it might not be possible for an investigator to determine the type of weapon used. It is possible that weapon has been hidden or destroyed. It is also possible that the body has been so badly damaged that it is almost impossible to make any assumptions regarding the weapon. However, under close observation of the blood splatter distribution it is possible for the investigator to determine the force, weight and shape of weapon used.

The Act of Crime:-

The method with which the weapon was used can be uncovered with how the blood splatter has been formed. If the blood seems to be splattered on a surface than it can be assumed that the victim was hit with great force and speed, such as a gunshot. On the other hand, blood drops signify that the victim was not hit with force rather he/she was stabbed with a sharp object such as a knife.

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