Toxicology & Medical


Toxicology is concerned with analyses of blood, urine, hair and other body tissues in respect of alcohol and drugs.

Common examples in respect of the foregoing analyses in relation to criminal cases include drink driving, and unfit to drive through drugs, where blood or urine samples are taken from individuals to establish the levels of alcohol, and also whether or not drugs and their metabolites were present which could result in impairment of the skills required for driving.

Other cases include murders, assaults and sexual offences where body fluids might be analysed to establish if alcohol and / or drugs are present for various reasons including whether or not the use of such substances by victims or suspects could have been involved or contributed to the incident in question.

The analysis of body fluids is also carried in numerous other situations, both in criminal and civil cases, where it is necessary to establish whether or not a individual had taken drugs or alcohol recently, and also historic use of drugs in which hair samples are taken from an individual to determine if drug used had taken place several weeks or months earlier.

Forensic Excellence can assist in all aspect of Toxicology including the robust evaluation and interpretation of existing analytical results, and testing or re-testing of samples.

A simple enquiry to our offices will enable us to advise if we can assist.


Forensic Excellence can provide legal-medical reports on injuries such as bruises and their causes / patterns, lacerations, incised wounds, stab wounds and anal-genital injuries in light of the alleged circumstances of a particular case, including the statements of victims and witnesses, and the account of the defendant.

Such reports are based on information provided to us such as photographs and diagrams of the injuries, and medical reports and notes prepared by an examining Doctor.