The Qualities a Forensic Expert must possess to be able to Testify in Court

If you think that a forensic expert’s duties are limited to only using scientific methods to find conclusive evidence from the scene of a crime then you are mistaken. The duties of a Forensic Expert also involve gathering all facts and preparing a detailed report. They are also required to be able to present their findings in court hence allowing an accurate judgement. To be able to create a detailed report a forensic expert has to be very well organised and expressive. However, when it comes to testifying in court he/she will need to possess an additional set of traits so that he/she may be able to present the facts as accurately as possible. We have discussed some of these techniques in the text below.

Must Possess Knowledge:-

The forensic expert must show that he/she is up to date and has command of the subject matter with respect to their field.


They must be able to easily locate key pieces of evidence.


The forensic expert must also be able to answer questions immediately and intelligently.


They must not become annoyed during questioning especially when facing a defendant’s solicitor.

Must possess Ethical values:-

He/she must be honest on his/her findings and most importantly must not be persuaded into presenting a false testimony.


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