The Importance of an Uncontaminated Crime Scene in View of a Forensic Expert

Today, there is an increasing emphasis on how evidence was extracted from a crime scene while presenting a case in court. The manner with evidence was extracted has a huge impact on the success of the case. It is even possible that a case may be thrown out based on the quality of evidence presented. In the text below we will look at the various facts surrounding crimes scenes and how evidence should be extracted by a forensic expert.

What is Crime Scene Contamination?

For a forensic expert making sure that the evidence is of the highest quality is a priority and highest quality evidence is free from contamination. Crime scene contamination is something that was introduced in the crime scene that was previously not there.

How can a Forensic Expert Extract Evidence without contamination?

With careful planning evidence can be collected without it being altered in anyway. Initially, the forensic expert needs to evaluate what tools and manpower are needed to extract evidence. For example, some scenes may require the presence of blood splatter expert. Furthermore, the forensic expert can make use of these tools to extract evidence. For example, fingerprints should be extracted using fingerprint brushes as well as the use of gloves and covering your mouth while sneezing.

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