The Changes in Law Enforcement Thanks to Computer Forensics London

Over the past couple of decades law enforcement has changed drastically due to the greater involvement of technology and computer forensics London. With advanced computer technology law enforcement agencies have been able to improve case efficiency and closure rates. With the rise of mobile and computer technology police agencies have been able to track criminals with great accuracy therefore greatly assisting victims. In the text below we will look at the various ways computer forensics London has created an impact on law enforcement over the years.


Child Pornography:-

Before the widespread use of personal computers, trafficking and child pornography was difficult to track and convictions for these crimes were rare. But with the help of the Internet these crimes have become much easier to detect and track.

Banking Crimes:-

Computer forensics London has also had significant impact on banking crimes. From corporate theft, to insurance fraud, identify theft securities and commodities fraud; authorities have become more capable of handling these investigations thanks to digital methods. Today a computer forensics examiner can look into a computer and examine it for evidence that can help to easily track various transactions.

Smart phones and other wearable technology:-

The widespread use of smart phones with Internet connectivity has played a major role in isolating and identifying criminal activity. With latest technological developments such as ubiquitous computing, cloud computing and wearable technology data has become easier to recover regardless of how old it is.


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