RTA Offences

The most common types of cases that we deal with in respect of driving offences are drink drive matters and driving whilst unfit through drugs.

Drink drive matters might require us to consider technical issues such as alcohol back calculations in respect of claims such as laced drinks and post driving alcohol consumption, and calculations in respect of when an alcohol level would have fallen below the legal limit.

Issues in relation to a charge of failing to provide evidential breath samples to a breath testing instrument such as an Intoximeter might also require our consideration in light of subsequent lung function tests and / or procedures within the Police Station for drink drive suspects, including the completion of the MGDD forms.

Driving whilst unfit through drugs matters might require consideration of the toxicology results from blood / urine samples and the impairment assessment of the individual involved, which is of course almost invariably required in such cases.

Forensic Excellence also deals with accident investigations, and includes scene and vehicle examination where appropriate and a thorough evaluation of any investigation / examination carried out by the Police or other such examiners.