How Handwriting Experts identify Psychological Traits of the Writer

Being able to identify the state of mind of a criminal is an important part of criminal investigations. Like other fields of criminal investigations, experts are able to identify the mental capacity of the perpetrators just by investigating the crime scene. Experts are capable if identifying the experience of the people involved in the crime by judging their mistakes (or lack of). Certain criminals have specific psychological traits that become their “signature”. Interestingly, handwriting experts are capable of identifying various psychological traits of people who may have written a particular document. The following text contains more details:-

The Writer is Lying:-

With certain combinations of loops on lower case o’s and a’s handwriting experts are capable of identifying if the person writing the document was lying or being honest. If these traits can be found then one should not trust the writer.

The Writer has Low Self Esteem:-

If the writer has used t-bar crossing that is too low on the letter then the writer is most probably suffering from low self esteem. Such a person is rarely successful in their own eyes. Many dangerous criminals of the past had to deal with low self esteem issues at some point in their lives which lead to the criminal activities as compensation.


Dual Personality:-

If an obvious slant variation can observed in the writing then according to handwriting experts the writer can be suffering from a dual personality. Such people are prone to unpredictable mood swings.

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