Fire Investigation

The investigation of a fire, once it has been extinguished and is safe, will initially commence with attempting to ascertain the seat (or origin) of the fire, and then investigate the cause of the fire.

There might be more than one seat of fire, and of course the cause of the fire could be attributed to one of accidental, electrical wiring, faulty electrical appliances, and of course some form of deliberate action.

If the cause of a fire is determined to be some form of deliberate action, then of course it will become a criminal investigation conducted by the Police and various supporting agencies.

Arson is the crime of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to buildings, vehicles or other property with intent to cause damage, and possibly endanger life, either inadvertently or deliberately as a consequence.

Intentional acts include the deliberate ignition of combustible materials, possibly at more than one site within the building, and with or without the use of accelerants such as petrol.

The investigation of arson can be complex and in our opinion it is vital that all of investigative and scientific aspects of the investigation into the cause of the fire, and any subsequent scientific examinations and analyses that are performed in consequence, should be fully reviewed and more importantly, understood, to ensure that any argument or proposal presented to a Court during a trial is fully reasoned and rationalised.

Forensic Excellence can assist in all aspects of Arson investigation:

Forensic Excellence also undertake fire scene examinations on behalf of insurance companies.