Contesting a Will on grounds of Forged Signatures; how can Handwriting Experts Help

When family members and other beneficiaries don’t agree with a Will left behind by their recently deceased family member they have a right to “contest” it using legal protocols. If the grounds for contesting this will are sound then the Will is considered invalid leaving the distribution of the estate as per the rules of intestacy. One of the most common grounds for contesting a Will is when there is a suspicion of fraud; specifically forged signatures. In the text below we will look at the role of handwriting experts in determining Will Fraud.

Evidence Required for Disputing a Will:-

Legally, you only need standard evidence to dispute a will. And if you can prove your case 50.1% percent then the Will can be declared legally invalid. However when it comes to suspected forgery you will require more a higher level evidence. Hence, the task is given to handwriting experts to determine whether the signatures were in fact forged or not. The experts will go about comparing the signatures in doubt with 10 to 20 known signatures before giving their conclusions in the matter.

The Limitations on Results Presented:-

Even if the handwriting experts put forward irrefutable evidence of the signatures being forged it will not be considered enough to conclude the presence of forgery. However, the statements made by the handwriting experts will, no doubt, be considered as strong supporting evidence.


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