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Forensic Excellence UK was founded in 2004 and has provided a top class, high quality and comprehensive range of forensic services to the legal profession for over 12 years. We specialise in a range of forensic services including fire, burglary, drug offences, murder and many more. Just visit our ‘Forensic Services’ page to find out more.

Our primary clients are criminal defence solicitors, although we are instructed by other solicitors, businesses and individuals, we can provide a 100% independent forensic consultancy or service to clients across the UK, in both criminal and civil cases, as well as disciplinary and family issues.

The forensic experts at Forensic Excellence are each recognised within their respective disciplines in terms of their concise and up to date knowledge within the field of their technical skills & expertise, expert report preparation skills, and of course witness skills within the courtroom. With no-one on the team having less than 20 years’ experience, at Forensic Excellence we provide a high quality service that’s always second to none.

Expert Forensic Services across the UK

Our main offices are in Manchester and London, and in addition we also have several satellite offices in other geographic regions which allow us to provide a comprehensive and fully nationwide forensic service to clients throughout the UK, including Scotland & Ireland. Also our forensic experts are able to travel to any region of the UK to undertake the service you require.

Contact us today for a quote on any of our forensic services, call our Manchester office on 0161 207 2066 or alternatively call our London office on 020 7118 9920. We look forward to hearing from you.


Murder & Assaults

Murders and assaults typically include one, or a combination of, stabbings; shootings; physical assaults involving repeated kicking, stamping, and punching; and the use of other weapons such as bats and metal bars.Other instances include murder whereby a house fire is deliberately started when the occupants are inside.During the Police investigation into the incident there might be a crime scene examination.

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Full list of forensic services


DNA Profiling

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is a biochemical found in an individual’s cells that carry genetic information which is inherited from both parents. That information is in coded form, half of which is inherited from each parent....


Drink Drive Cases

From a Defence perspective, such cases typically involve various issues relating to individuals who face charges in relation to drink drive matters. With the exception of offering the facility of analysing blood and urine....


Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics, like many other forensic science techniques, involves the use of sophisticated technology tools, software and procedures that must be followed, to guarantee the accuracy of the preservation of evidence....